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Give us a call or send an email for more information or to ask about others who may not appear here (the list below is not complete, ever, so let us know what you have in mind).  Please note that we are sold out of steers and have also sold all of our 2018 bull prospects.

Prices on sale animals include brand inspection, copies of all tests completed for the Dexter being offered (our testing is all done at UC Davis), certificate of veterinary inspection (if moving across state lines), a copy of your new Dexter’s health records, and transfer of ownership through the ADCA.  We offer a discount if multiple animals are purchased at the same time.  Contact us for more information on discounts.

Available for sale

Moosters Sugar Baby
ADCA #043636 – View Pedigree

Sugar is a beautiful young heifer out of our oldest cow, Neev (who is still going strong at 16 years old!). Born 3/12/18, Sugar is heterozygous polled, black (carrying E+ red from her sire), A2A2, PHA and chondrodysplasia free, with great feet and a nice wide muzzle. Like all our heifers, she is parentage verified to her dam and her sire, PRF Hondo Lane. If you are looking to add solid brood cow quality to your herd, this is your girl!

Moosters Hallelujah Lane
ADCA #044682 – View Pedigree

Hallie is going to be a beautiful and productive Dexter cow! Her dam, Willa, is a medium height with a large frame and we expect to see the same build and size with Hallie. Born 3/31/18, Hallie is homozygous polled (she can never produce a horned calf), carries one copy of E+ red, A2A2, PHA and chondrodysplasia free. Like all our heifers, she is parentage verified to her dam and her sire, PRF Hondo Lane. She has started basic halter training, but we, at this point, would not call her halter trained quite yet!

Moosters Magnolia (Maggie)
ADCA #043799 – View Pedigree

Maggie was born 3/10/18. She’s a nice medium framed, flashy heifer with a deep red coat. PHA and chondrodysplasia free. A2A2. Heterozygous polled. Her dam is well conformed, as is Maggie (excuse the downhill photo). She will make a solid addition to a herd looking for both milk and beef.

Moosters Monaco
ADCA #043637 – View Pedigree

Monaco is one of the best heifers that we produced last year. She is going to be a tank and will have an udder to match! Her dam, Grace, will be turning 13 this year. We choose Grace for our herd for both her beefy size and her udder genetics. Monaco is not going to disappoint! Born 3/13/18, Monaco is heterozygous polled, carries one copy of E+ red, A1A2, PHA and chondrodysplasia free. Like all our heifers, she is parentage verified to her dam and her sire, PRF Hondo Lane.

Moosters Yours Truly
ADCA #044684 – View Pedigree

Truly is out of Tracy, a chondrodysplasia carrier. She has been tested as a non-carrier. If her dam and her sister are any indication of Truly’s future as a cow, she will be a big bodied, but medium height, with a lovely udder. Born 4/16/18, Truly is heterozygous polled, red (E+/e), A2A2, PHA and chondrodysplasia free. Like all our heifers, she is parentage verified to her dam and her sire, PRF Hondo Lane. She has not begun halter training and is being sold as ready to train. Her photo is from late summer showing her without her winter coat.

Moosters Salina Surprise
ADCA #044685 – View Pedigree

Last of our weanlings, Salina was born 6/14/18 as a great surprise to us, literally born on the last day possible based on the last day she could have been conceived. She’s still in her winter clothes, but there’s a great topline under all that winter coat. She’s stout with plenty of depth. Red, heterozygous polled, A2A2, PHA and chondrodysplasia free.

She has not been halter trained as of January 2019, but if she’s like her siblings and her dam, it will be easy enough for her new owner to tackle.

Read for yourself a few comments from happy buyers of our Moosters
(borrowed with permission from social media)!

Milking our first freshener Moosters A Dash of Moxie (Moxie Moos). This girl was made to milk. All 4 on the floor, calm in the stanchion, easy to milk. Her training before we received her, and reinforced here, has given us a wonderful girl that I enjoy milking in the morning!

– Carmine Heilig, Rebel Dexters, Elizabeth, Colorado

We would like to introduce our newest addition to our Dexter Herd: Moosters Juliet Capulet!

Darling Juliet hails all the way from Wyoming – she was able to hitch a ride with the Moosters Meadows Dexter Cattle show string to the ADCA National Show in Kansas, and then she hitched a ride back east with another gracious Dexter family.

I have been admiring the Moosters Meadows herd for years, and I feel so fortunate that we could add Juliet to our herd. Out in the field, I had to sneak up on her to try to get some pictures, she is so friendly that I mostly just got nose pictures otherwise!

– Julie Reimer, Rancho Relaxo, Marion, Virginia

This guy ❤️ Turning 18 months old tomorrow, I believe. He was napping with his girls this afternoon, so I snapped this quick pic.

Laramie is gentle, faithful, and so easy to handle. He has captured our hearts! We’re so thankful we bought this boy from Moosters Meadows!

He is such a handsome boy. His calves are gonna be gorgeous . . . stay tuned . . .

– Lesa Reid, Kirkhaven Farm, Rutledge, Tennessee

Sold Cattle


Purchasing Details

We do require a 25% deposit to hold a specific animal for you. We don’t consider a Mooster sold until we have received your deposit. Final payment is due upon pick up.

Our pricing includes the following:

  • An ADCA registered Dexter and the cost of transferring the registration to you.
  • Brand inspection (required by the state of Wyoming)
  • Certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) if the Dexter is being sold out of state
  • Copies of all testing and any relevant parent testing.
  • Continued support by phone or email for as long as you need it!
  • None of the above applies to steers – they are sold unregistered, but the pricing will include the cost of the brand inspection.

A Buyer’s Guide

The ADCA has prepared a Buyers Checklist – available on the ADCA website. The Buyer Beware statement is simply a warning to do your homework. When you consider buying from us, take a look at the following (checklist borrowed, in part, from the ADCA):

  • Be sure the animal is registered.

Moosters Meadows sells only registered Dexters. We are members of the ADCA and all of our Dexters are registered through this registry.

  • Make sure that the animal can meet your state’s health requirements.

Discuss those requirements (and who pays if there are inoculations or tests needed for the animal to come to your state) with the seller prior to purchase. Leave no room for misunderstandings.

  • Ask to see offspring (or the sire and/or dam) of the Dexter you are purchasing. If they aren’t available, photos can often help. Familiarize yourself with both good traits and faults of the breed so that you know what you are seeing.

As conscientious breeders, we will always point out both the faults (as we know them) and positives about our animals.

  • Ask to see copies of any genetic testing that you deem important such as chondrodysplasia, PHA, color, A2 Beta-Casein or genotyping. Make sure that the test results are on file with the ADCA or that copies are made available to you.

All our Moosters are tested for PHA and chondrodysplasia (or are obligate offspring of tested parents). All of our animals have been tested for A2 Beta-Casein. We only use bulls that are A2/A2. All of our animals born since 2013 (and many before that) are parentage verified so you will have proof of both the sire and the dam of the animal you are purchasing. Many of our animals have been color tested as well. We provide copies of all tests to you, including tests of parents, upon request, if the animal is an obligate.

  • If the animal is not registered, ask for it to be registered BEFORE you purchase! Animals without registration papers may not be able to be registered. If there is any question about registration, contact your Regional Director before you buy. Registration fees and transfer fees can be paid by either the buyer or the seller.

All Moosters are sold registered and we pay the transfer fee (and perform the transfer for you).

We are always willing to provide a potential buyer with a list of folks who have purchased animals from us. They can speak to the quality of the animals and their experiences with us prior to and after the sale. We are always there for you after the sale by phone and by email!

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