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Moosters Meadows is located in the southeastern part of Wyoming, where we have a carefully and thoughtfully bred herd of Dexter Cattle running on a little over 200 acres of pasture and meadow.

We, like many others, started with two Dexters and quickly fell in love with this gentle breed.  Soon enough, two grew into a herd that currently numbers in the 40 range.  Our herd is split between black and red (we are leaning harder on red these days) with an occasional dun born every now and then.  Several of our foundation cows are (de)horned, but the bulk of our herd is polled.  Since 2014, we’ve chosen to breed only polled Dexters.

Our herd has been deliberately chosen and raised with true dual purpose (meat and milking) Dexters in mind.  Good conformation and great temperament are must haves in our herd.  Everything else follows from there.

Testing is important to us.  Our entire herd is tested (or born as an obligate) PHA free.  We have several beloved chondrodysplasia carrier cows.  As responsible breeders, we only breed these ladies to non-carrier bulls, then test offspring so there is never a question as to the status of the calf.  We are fortunate to be able to retain heifers from our own herd, so we have multiple generations from our best lines.  It allows us to continue to breed only those with the best for our dual purpose qualities.

In 2011, we were bit by the show bug.  Now we show as opportunity and distance permit.  We enjoy showing with our fellow breeders and love being able to bring attention to this wonderful little breed whenever possible.

All of our Dexters are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association.  We also belong to the Rocky Mountain Dexter Breeders Organization (consisting of folks living in the western states – Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Montana, Idaho and others), the Missouri Dexter Breeders Association, and support other Dexter organizations across the US.  We are proud to say that we have Dexters in herds from coast to coast!

We love to talk about our Dexters and welcome calls, emails and texts.  No obligation ranch visits can be arranged to see and discuss Dexters up close and personal.



Thanks for stopping by our website.  We admit to being slow with updates here, but we do try to stay current on our Facebook page.  You can find that link (and simply click on it) at the bottom of any page on our website.

Our Facebook page will soon be filled with endless pictures of spring 2022 calves.  It’s just so hard to believe that calving season is just around the corner.  There’s nothing we love more than spring calving, unless maybe it would be fall calving.  Just love those babies!

2021 is now in the review mirror.   There were 39 calves born here last year.  Most have gone to new homes as heifers or steers.  There were a few new bull prospects.  Some years we are just blessed with more than one or two bull calves that have all the right stuff.  Our 2022 spring calves are sired by Tinney’s Apollo and Moosters Jalapeno (he came back home to lend a hand last summer, then was happy to moooove to Texas to carry on his work there).  Rover has joined a lovely herd in NW Wyoming.

We’ve long waited to add just the right younger bull prospect to the fold (along with Apollo, of course).  He arrived this fall from Little Hoof Ranch in Douglas, WY.  We are excited to add Little Hoof Cooper to our herd and look forward to 2023 calves.


This year finds us with fewer Dexters than in the past as we’ve deliberately downsized just a bit.  Getting older means getting slower – and we swear our girls get faster as well!  We still have plenty of Moosters to keep us busy

We were able to attend one show in 2021 – the great Utah State Fair where the largest gathering of Dexters takes place each year.  We were honored to bring home the Grand Champion Bull.  Moosters Fairbanks made us proud as he was chosen over a nice field of bulls of various ages.  He’s moved on to Missouri to make future champions.  We can’t say enough good things about this young bull.a


We were fortunate enough to attend the Missouri Dexter Breeders Show in Mansfield in 2021.  While we didn’t show, we lent a hand where we could and we so pleased at the number of youth and the quality of the Dexters being shown there.  Several Moosters made the trip with us to be delivered to their new homes.  We hope to be able to make this trip again in 2022.

Please feel free to visit our Sales Page.  We won’t have anything to offer until the April/May timeframe when we’ve finished the spring calving.  We do send out a sales list around that time frame, so do feel free to contact us to be added to that email.

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We love to talk about Dexters and welcome calls or no-obligation ranch visits to see our Dexters up close and personal.

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