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Moosters Meadows, owned by Chris and Vicki Jones, is located in the southeastern part of Wyoming, where we have a carefully selected herd of red and black Dexters running on a little over 200 acres of pasture and meadow.

We, like many others, started with two Dexters and quickly fell in love with this gentle breed. Soon enough, two grew into a herd that fluctuates between 60 to more than 100 depending on the time of the year. Our herd is fairly evenly split between black and red and (de)horned and polled. We kept the horns on all our “foundation” cows. However, we have chosen to breed only polled Dexters since our 2014 breeding season.

Our herd has been thoughtfully chosen and raised with true dual purpose – meat and milking – Dexters in mind. Color and lack of horns are the “nice to haves,” but good conformation and great temperament are must haves in our herd.

We believe in testing. Our entire herd is tested (or born as an obligate) PHA free. We have several deliberately chosen chondrodysplasia carrier cows. As responsible breeders, we only breed these girls to non-carrier bulls, then test offspring so there is never any question as to the status of a calf. Our herd is tested for A2 Beta-Casein and we only use A2/A2 bulls for breeding. Every Mooster born since 2013 is parentage verified (as are many of our others. All have been, at minimum, genotyped).

In 2011, we were bit by the show bug! Now we show at every opportunity within reasonable driving distance! We enjoy showing with our fellow breeders and love being able to bring attention to this wonderful little breed.

All of our Dexters are registered with the American Dexter Cattle Association. We also belong to several regional breeder groups including Missouri Dexter Breeders, Oklahoma Dexter Breeders and Rocky Mountain Dexter Breeders (California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and the Dakotas).

We love to talk about Dexters and welcome calls and no-obligation ranch visits to see them up close and personal.


2017 Calving is underway. Our first calf to hit the ground is a lovely red heifer out of Glenn Land Ms Willa and Glenn Land Mr Baird. Welcome to Glenn Land Ms Early Morn! We’ll keep those updates coming. Be sure to watch for birth announcements on our Facebook page!

American Dexter Cattle Association

Don’t forget the American Dexter Cattle Association Annual Show, Sale and Meeting coming up in June of 2017. Hope to see you there!

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We love to talk about Dexters and welcome calls or no-obligation ranch visits to see them up close and personal.

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