Crossing State Lines with Your Dexter

We are often asked if there are additional health requirements for Dexters to move from our ranch to your state. This is the most useful link we’ve found for answering those questions in advance. Our vet will always be the final decision maker along with the folks in your state as he obtains the Certificate of Veterinary Health permit. Our heifers are given brucellosis vaccine before they leave Moosters, so that is one requirement out of the way (particularly if you live in the west!). Visit the Interstate Livestock website for more information.

A Buyer’s Guide

The ADCA has prepared a Buyers Checklist – available on the ADCA website. The Buyer Beware statement is simply a warning to do your homework. When you consider buying from us, take a look at the following (checklist borrowed, in part, from the ADCA):

  • Be sure the animal is registered.

Moosters Meadows sells only registered Dexters. We are members of the ADCA and all of our Dexters are registered through this registry.

  • Make sure that the animal can meet your state’s health requirements.

Discuss those requirements (and who pays if there are inoculations or tests needed for the animal to come to your state) with the seller prior to purchase. Leave no room for misunderstandings.

  • Ask to see offspring (or the sire and/or dam) of the Dexter you are purchasing. If they aren’t available, photos can often help. Familiarize yourself with both good traits and faults of the breed so that you know what you are seeing.

As conscientious breeders, we will always point out both the faults (as we know them) and positives about our animals.

  • Ask to see copies of any genetic testing that you deem important such as chondrodysplasia, PHA, color, A2 Beta-Casein or genotyping. Make sure that the test results are on file with the ADCA or that copies are made available to you.

All our Moosters are tested for PHA and chondrodysplasia (or are obligate offspring of tested parents). All of our animals have been tested for A2 Beta-Casein. We only use bulls that are A2/A2. All of our animals born since 2013 (and many before that) are parentage verified so you will have proof of both the sire and the dam of the animal you are purchasing. Many of our animals have been color tested as well. We provide copies of all tests to you, including tests of parents, upon request, if the animal is an obligate.

  • If the animal is not registered, ask for it to be registered BEFORE you purchase! Animals without registration papers may not be able to be registered. If there is any question about registration, contact your Regional Director before you buy. Registration fees and transfer fees can be paid by either the buyer or the seller.

All Moosters are sold registered and we pay the transfer fee (and perform the transfer for you).

We are always willing to provide a potential buyer with a list of folks who have purchased animals from us. They can speak to the quality of the animals and their experiences with us prior to and after the sale. We are always there for you after the sale by phone and by email!

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