Tinney’s Apollo
Registration Number: 044618 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: May 23, 2018
Sire: Stargate Red Ryan
Dam: Bar None’s Cherie

Apollo was the culmination of a year long search for just the right new bull for our herd. We finally found him in Missouri and he had a very big adventure coming to Wyoming! We are so glad he’s here. This guy has the conformation we like, great bone, good feet and legs along with an excellent easy going temperament. He red, carrying one copy of wild red and one copy of recessive red. He also carries two copies of dun. Apollo is homozygous polled, so he will only produce polled offspring. His 2020 calves have been impressive (shown here with one of his 2020 heifers).

Red Rover
Registration Number: 040560 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: September 15, 2016
Sire: Euchee Creek’s Red Sonny
Dam: Moosters Yanni

We knew when he was born that this was a special bull calf. He has his sire’s good looks and sweet temperament. He’s going to pass on his dam’s excellent conformation and lovely udder (she’s our very favorite cow!). It was a hard choice as to whether to keep him or his sire, but with Yanni as his mother, we felt we couldn’t go wrong keeping him for our very own. His first calves in 2018 have been outstanding!


PRF Hondo Lane
Registration Number: 031963 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: March 1, 2013
Sire: Llanfair’s Cinnabar
Dam: Lightning Bug Luna

Hondo (yes, he is named after the John Wayne character) was exactly what we wanted for our herd. We waited for him to be born for what seemed like forever! His late sire is one of our favorite bulls, Llanfair’s Cinnabar. Hondo is red (E+E+, does not carry dun), homozygous polled, PHA and Chondrodysplasia free, A2/A2 and handsome… I’d say what more could we ask for, but he already has it – black nose and black hooves! He’s also easy to work with and really likes his treats. With four years of his calves on the ground, we can honestly say that he makes perfect Moosters!


Euchee Creek’s Red Sonny
Registration Number: 033448 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: August 3, 2013
Sire: Belle Fourche Washington
Dam: Sant’ Angelo Red Sara

He is the most laid back bull ever. We haltered him in the pasture and brought him in for a bath and took him to show. That’s the temperament we wanted in our calves for sure. Sonny is red (E+E+ and carries dun), homozygous polled, PHA and chondrodysplasia free, and A2/A2. We own his maternal grandmother, so we are certain that he will pass down her exceptional udder. First calves on the ground in 2016 show that we’ve made a great decision by adding this bull to our herd. His fall of 2016 bull calf, Red Rover, is replacing him as herd sire as of 2018. Sonny has moved to a new herd in a warmer state (we are happy for him!).


Gladhour USommDance
Registration Number: 021325 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: May 22, 2008
Sire: SF Preference
Dam: Gladhour Sommerday

‘Dance was our herd bull for nearly four years. He was perfect for us in every way, but we chose to keep a number of his daughters, so he was retired as a Mooster at the end of 2013. Gentle as a lamb, ‘Dance is a shorter guy (41 ½” at the hip at 4 years old). He’s red (does not carry dun), heterozygous polled, PHA and Chondrodysplasia free, A2/A2. His daughters are producing superior calves.

We have a limited number of straws available from ‘USommDance at $30 each. This price does not include the cost of shipping from Western Sire Services where our straws are stored. Moosters will bill you directly for the cost of the straws. Upon receipt of payment, the straws will be released from the storage facility. The buyer makes shipping arrangements directly with Western Sire. Contact us for additional information.

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